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MC-150R/P Maple Classic Banjo

MC-150R/P Maple Classic Banjo
MC-150R/P Maple Classic Banjo
MC-150R/P Maple Classic Banjo
MC-150R/P Maple Classic Banjo
MC-150R/P Maple Classic Banjo
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  • Model: MC-150RP
  • Weight: 9.00lb
  • Dimensions: 26.00in x 0.00in x 0.00in
  • SKU: MC-150RP

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The beautiful blonde Gold Tone MC-150R/P Maple Classic Banjo is the ideal all-around banjo for the eclectic player. The flangeless MC-150RP is convertible to a powerful open back (like many of our banjos); just pop off the resonator and mounting brackets and you're in business. It's also the most economical banjo we make that has a full complement of professional-grade parts in its arsenal. These include a 3/4" hard maple rim with a matching flathead tone ring, planetary-gear tuning machines, straight-line tailpiece and engraved armrest. Available as left-handed model.

"It was love at first sight. I saw the MC-150R and I knew that this was the banjo for me. I don't like a lot of decorations and foo foo. The light maple was absolutely gorgeous. The finish is perfect. I like the unassuming snowflake inlays - very simple - yet the workmanship was perfect. The chrome gleams and is eye-catching. The banjo is built like a tank. Solid. The metal work is perfectly chromed. The tuning machines are sealed. The wood is well sealed. There is no flex in the neck whatsoever." cosmic banjo 

Buttons C-Style
Tuners GT Master Planets
Nut Width 1-3/16" Bone
Fingerboard Select Wood
Inlay Snowflake
Truss Rod Two-Way Adjustable
Frets 22
Material Maple
Binding Black ABS
Maple Construction
Pickups Optional
Resonator 13" Maple
Tone Ring Steel Alloy
Bridge Maple with Ebony Cap
Hardware Chrome Plated
Rim Multi-Ply Maple
Brackets 24
Tension Hoop Notched Steel
Finish Natural Gloss
Head 11" HC Frosted
Tailpiece 5-String Straightline
Scale Length 26-3/16"
Weight 9 lbs.
Bag HPB (Optional)
Case HD15 (Optional)
Tuning GDGBD
String Gauge .011, .024w, .016, .013, .011
GT Master Planetary Tuners