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Cello Banjo

Brand: Gold Tone
Once a staple in early twentieth century banjo orchestras and clubs, the cello banjo disappeared by 1930. Gold Tone has brought it back, collaborating with string wizard Marcy Marxer to develop the Gold Tone CEB-4 Marcy Marxer 4-String Cello Banjo. The Gold Tone CEB-4 Marcy Marxe..
Brand: Gold Tone
The Gold Tone CEB-5 5-String Cello Banjo features a 14" pot, the largest banjo pot in production today. Tuned a full octave below standard five-string banjo tunings, the Gold Tone CEB-5 occupies a special place on the banjo spectrum. The Gold Tone CEB-5 5-String Cello Banjo has a custom Remo Renaiss..
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