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Bela Fleck

Brand: Gold Tone
Play on a dream banjo neck! The Béla Fleck Signature Banjo Neck is available for immediate purchase from Play you heart out, and reach your musical goals! The Béla Fleck Signature Banjo Neck is meticulously designed and masterfully constructed. The Béla neck is designed to h..
Brand: Gold Tone
The Gold Tone Béla Fleck “Bluegrass Heart” Signature Banjo with Case is now a reality; the closest thing yet to the feel and the tone of Béla’s favorite pre-war banjo. Every detail of the Bluegrass Heart banjo is a result of personal, hands-on development by Béla, Marc and Wayne. The finest com..
Brand: Gold Tone
The Gold Tone ML-1 Bela Fleck "Missing Link" Baritone Banjo fills the gap between the cello banjo (tuned to G, an octave below the standard banjo) and the standard five-string. Tuned to open C (in a G configuration, an octave below the fifth fret of a standard five-string, the ML-1 feature..
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