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Brand: Gold Tone
The Gold Tone AC-Traveler is an A-scale banjo for adults and children; a perfect banjo for traveling, taking to the beach, mountains, the land of your dreams...
Brand: Gold Tone
The Gold Tone BG-Mini is a professional-grade banjo scaled down in size; an ultimate travel banjo for adults, and a marvelous, high quality instrument for children. The Gold Tone BG-Mini features an eight-inch diameter head, rolled-brass rod tone ring, two-way adjustable tru..
Brand: Gold Tone
The CC-50TR is an inexpensive openback banjo that's ideal for kids or for any picker to travel with. It features the same openback eleven-inch pot assembly found on our hugely popular CC-50 but we've eliminated the first two frets to create a short-scale neck to make a lightweight banjo that's tuned..
Brand: Gold Tone
The Cripple Creek Mini (CC-Mini) Is just like the phenomenally popular CC-100, only smaller. The same maple neck (but tuned to C, like the fifth fret of a full-sized banjo) and hard rock maple rim (but just eight inches in diameter) make the Mini a perfect travel banjo or the ideal child's instrumen..
Brand: Gold Tone
The Plucky is a backpacker's dream weighing in at only two pounds! It can be tuned to open C (CGCEG) or open D (DADF#A) or even to standard G, by changing to strings gauged 016, .034, .024, .019, .016. The Gold Tone Plucky is no toy; the neck width is similar to that of a full-size banjo for comfort..
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