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EBM-5: Gold Tone Electric Banjo

EBM-5: Gold Tone Electric Banjo
EBM-5: Gold Tone Electric Banjo
EBM-5: Gold Tone Electric Banjo
EBM-5: Gold Tone Electric Banjo
EBM-5: Gold Tone Electric Banjo
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  • Model: EBM-5
  • Weight: 8.30lb
  • Dimensions: 26.00in x 0.00in x 0.00in
  • SKU: EBM-5

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The Gold Tone EBM-5: Electric Banjo is a unique F-style, 5-string electric banjo that looks as good as it sounds. The EBM-5 has a fast response that allow hammer-ons, pull-offs, and slides to be accomplished with ease. Even unplugged, The EBM-5 has an excellent tone, due to the hollow sound chamber. The two-tone tobacco sunburst is pleasantly set off by the gold hardware. It has easy to reach control knobs for quick tone and volume changes.  Other features include a mahogany "F-style" body, ebony fingerboard with snowflake inlays, an 8" banjo head and tone ring, and a straight line tailpiece. Whether you are new to the banjo or want to add a new sound to your existing arsenal, the EBM-5 may be just what you are looking for!

The EBM is equipped with two pickups; a humbucker under the banjo head in the bridge position, and a stacked humbucker in the neck position. There is a 3-way selector knob that allows the player to switch between the neck pickup only (position up), both the neck and bridge pickup simultaneously (center position), and the bridge pickup only (position down). The three knobs consist of a volume knob for each pickup (2) and a master tone knob (1). Blending between the two pickups utilizing both volume knobs is possible when the 3-way pickup selector is in the center position and both pickups are activated. Available as left-handed model.

Buttons C-Style Perloid
Tuners GT Master Planets
Nut Width 1-3/16" Bone
Fingerboard Ebony
Inlay Snowflake
Truss Rod Two-Way Adjustable
Frets 21
Material Maple
Binding White Celluloid
Pickups Humbucker & Stacked Single Coil
Bridge Maple with Ebony Cap
Hardware Gold Plated
Tension Hoop Top Tension-Style
Finish Tobacco Sunburst
Head 8" Remo
Tailpiece EB Style Straightline
Scale Length 26-3/8"
Weight 8.3 lbs.
Case HDE (Optional)
Tuning GDGBD
String Gauge .011, .024w, .016, .013, .011